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IscoreU is a service dedicated to bringing your music to life. Whether you need a transcription, an arrangement, a custom-tailored composition, or a demo track, IscoreU will satisfy your request—and at a fair price. We look forward to crafting your project with complete accuracy.

It's as easy as:

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Write a description of your vision into this form:

Thanks! Message sent.


We will get back to you within 1-2 business days with an estimate of the cost and time necessary to complete the project.


The first page of the project will be sent to verify authenticity. After payment is submitted in full, we will deliver the project in its entirety.

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Money Back Guarantee!

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Below are samples of previous projects we've completed.

Genre: Pop

Project description: "I want the melody only, but no lyrics,  with chords, and the guitar accompaniment written out".

Cost: $70

Genre: Disney

Project description: "I'm making a basic track of this song, and there's no sheet music online. I just need a basic lead sheet of the song with chords".

Cost: $60

Genre: Jazz Trio

Project description: "Hey could you transcribe 2:08 to the end of this recording of Oscar on Night and Day? I want to see what he's doing".

Cost: $50

Genre: Indie/Contemporary Folk

Project description: "I want the piano and guitar part of this song written out with chords and hits, basically just a lead sheet".

Cost: $60

Genre: Rock

Project description: "[...] just need a lead sheet and melody as well as the two/three part harmony notated so that singers can sing in parts".

Cost: $60

Genre: Solo Piano (Jazz)

Project description: "I would just like the part from :43-2:01 written out".

Cost: $100

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